The Internet And the Endless Possibilities

The internet offers users many ways of entertainment as well as retail shopping and current event news. If you don’t know much about the internet in general the following blog is for you.

The Internet was created by Robert Kahn And Vinton Cerf. (“From ARPANET to Internet – HowStuffWorks,” n.d.)The internet was the system used to communicate originally via telephone lines dedicated to computers. Robert Kahn AKA Bob Kahn was working at NASA when he started working for the project. The first interaction on the network crashed the system completely however it was the actual beginning of the concept of the internet we now take for granted.

Contrary to popular belief the internet is not the web. The web is actually nowhere near as old as ARPANET the original name for the internet project. The worldwide web which was the first browser wasnt created until 1990 by Tim Berners Lee. And the first website was published in 1991.(“First Website Ever Made,” n.d.)

Today the majority of Americans and other countries with good internet connections use the internet mainly to “surf” or look at different websites and for social interaction. There are many forms of communication widely and freely available nowadays.

Social Networking

The biggest form of social interaction today on the internet is quite obviously social networking . In a study from 2014 it was determined that 74% of all internet users age 18 and up use social media networks such as Facebook twitter Instagram etc…(“Social Networking Fact Sheet | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project,” n.d.)

Social media demographics(, n.d.)


Email is the ability to send files, data or messages via electronic mail AKA email. Emails creator is widely disputed although most evidence points to a 14-year-old named VA Shiva Ayyadurai in 1978. ARPANET creators and workers have disputed this fact claiming they created and originated email using the @ sign. However in 1982 Shiva was granted the copyright to the term email. (“VA Shiva Ayyadurai, The Inventor of Email | Home,” n.d.)

Wikis And Blogs

A wiki and a blog are similar but different at the same time. A blog is a closed source type of journal entry website where only authorized users or the publisher can alter the interior information whereas a wiki is an open source meaning the user and anybody else can alter the information. This being said a wiki is much more unsecure than a blog is.(“Blogs and Wikis in the Business World Definition and Solutions | CIO,” n.d.) What you are reading is a blog therefore unless I the author give you permission you cannot change any of this information. However Wikipedia is a wiki meaning anyone can write additional information or change existing information without asking for permission first.

Podcast vs Webcast

While both podcasts and webcasts are digital files or broadcasts made available online a podcast can be downloaded whereas a webcast is streamed only and broadcast live on the internet. A podcast can be downloaded and automatically updates itself as new information is added whereas a webcast cannot do those functions.  (“What is Podcasting? What is Webcast? What is RSS Feed? « Social Networking Lab: Search Engine & Social Media Marketing, B2B and Technology News,” n.d.)

Streaming Media

Streaming media is a great tool on the internet. “Streaming media is video or audio content sent in compressed form over the Internet and played immediately, rather than being saved to the hard drive..” (“What is streaming media? – Definition from,” n.d.) A great example of streaming media is which allows users to watch or stream media without the need to download the files first. 

E-commerce vs M-Commerce

Both are very much the same thing. e-commerce is using a computer to purchase products online whereas m commerce is the mobile alternative of using wireless devices to do the very same thing such as tablets of smart phones. Some examples of e and m commerce are amazon, Ebay, google store, and any other online retailer.(“What is Mobile E-commerce (m-commerce)? – Definition from Techopedia,” n.d.)


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